We all should be like Mike! I’m so honored to get to introduce our Spring 2016 XOXO Rally Ride recipient, Mike Teller. I struggle as I write this, as I want to get it right for Mike…and for Mariah.

To tell Mike’s story, one must begin with Mariah.

Version 2

After 16 years of trying to have a baby, the much anticipated Mariah Teller arrived on the scene! From the very beginning, this tiny, adorable, curly-haired, angel changed Mike and Terra’s world forever with her endless joy and sunshine. She was special. Truly. Version 2 She was kind, compassionate, bright, funny, and just seemed to sprinkle happy sparkles wherever she went. She could not have been more loved and adored by her parents and her older brother. When ‘Riah,’ as she was often called, was 2 1/2, she was diagnosed with DIPG , a rare brain cancer. She was given nine months to live.

Just as Mariah was special…so was her family. They were able to make every single day count. A lifetime of love and memories were packed into those short months. Mariah’s bravery and love of life touched many…far and near…to those who knew her…and to many who did not. This cute little 3 year old left an indelible mark on the world.  During this time, Mike worked tirelessly to keep his family afloat. When he wasn’t working, he was with his family… supportive, selfless and present. The loss of a child is unthinkable. Incomprehensible. To make life even harder, the Teller’s were left with enormous medical obligations.


Mariah earned her angel wings on April 7, 2014.


Version 2

Mike’s story doesn’t stop here. Just three months after Mariah’s passing, Mike was diagnosed with Leukemia. Seriously?! Life is not fair. Mike’s treatment for his cancer includes taking a chemo pill every day. Out-of-pocket expenses for his medication alone are $2,000+ every single month! The medication makes him very sick at times…but it is helping. He needs this. He needs our help.

Before he was diagnosed with cancer, Terra and Mike were pursuing becoming foster parents. This has not stopped them. Along with their son, who is attending Snow College, the Teller’s are foster parents to three amazing little boys, ages 4, 2 & 1. Terra told me, “Mike loves every second , he is such an amazing, loving, supportive dad to these boys. The boys would never know he gets so sick, as he goes to work every single day, even when sick, to support his family. He doesn’t skip a beat at home. Mike is the best husband and father. He is truly selfless.” Somehow I knew this is exactly what Mike would be like. I want to be like Mike.

Yes, be like Mike. The world needs more people like Mike. It was an honor to write these words. Please join myself, Rally4Good, XOXO Hats for Strength in supporting this deserved family.

“Alone we can do so little, TOGETHER, we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

We will be holding a motorcycle ride fundraiser for Mike…

Saturday, May 14 at 11:00 a.m.
CousCous Grill, 5470 S. 900 E., Murray, UT
$25/person ($10/children 10 & under)
Kickstands up at 1:00! Rain or Shine!

motorcycle ride • food • raffle • silent auction • face painting • Drum Bus Utah • hoop shooting for young & old (Mike is an avid basketball fan!) & more…you’ll have fun & you’ll feel GOOD!

Another way in which you can help this family is to donate at: www.gofundme.com/v5qbm638

“You can do more than belong…you can participate.” -Maya Angelou


“…never take those you love for granted. Take every chance no matter how big or small to make a memory. Take that vacation. Leave work early to spend the day with your family. Play the board game your kids want to play. Turn off the TV. Always tell people how you feel about them and leave no regrets. This life is short.”                                                                                -Terra Teller